Why Am I Seeing A Parked Landing Page On A Zoneedit Domain?
Posted by Network Operations on 03 November 2015 04:18 PM

This type of landing page is where we direct traffic for

  • lame delegations
  • account overdue
  • zombie domains
  • deactivated domains

A lame delegation is a domain that is not in any zoneedit account yet it is still delegated to zoneedit nameservers. This generates additional queries to our nameservers, especially if we have no valid data onhand for these domains, so we wildcard the traffic to a landing page.

An account overdue domain has been deactivated for one of the following reasons:

  • The DNS usage is over quota for the specified level of service. (See the "usage" link in your domain overview).
    • Free DNS domains quotas: 250,000 queries/month / Overage: 3 credits/million queries
    • Paid DNS Zones quotas: 1 million queries / month / Overage: 1 credit/ million queries
  • There are insufficient credits in your account to cover your paid services.
    • Instantly reactivate your domain by Adding credits.
    • If you cannot access your account, Add credits here - this will also open a priority ticket to reset your account access
  • Your free account email has not been verified or confirmed. Free accounts are subject to periodic email confirmation or verification.

A zombie domain is a domain that is still on the zoneedit system but for some reason has no valid DNS data associated with it. This can be caused, for example, by a domain on the system as a secondary DNS domain with an unreachable, unresponsive or misconfigured primary master. If your domain is on the system as secondary DNS make sure you are using the correct secondary ACL in your primary master configuration.

 A deactivated domain has been deactivated by the user but it is still delegated to Zoneedit nameservers (same as lame delegation above).

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