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How To Recover Your Account Password

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If you've forgotten your ZoneEdit account password, you can reset the password by going HERE. Please note that you will eventually be asked to enter the answers to the 3 security questions specified within your account:



NOTE: The password recovery tool is grammar sensitive. If the answer entered does not match exactly what was specified then it will be flagged as an incorrect. However we can manually verify all answers. If you would like to have the answers manually verified then send a support ticket from HERE.

Once the correct answers are given, your password will be reset and sent to the primary email address you've specified on file. If the email address on file is defunct then you'll need to authenticate your ownership over specific domains by doing the following:

1. Create a new ZoneEdit account by going HERE.
2. Go to your domain's registrar and update the name server configuration (do not delete your current servers!) to include

NOTE: If you are unsure of where your domain is currently registered then you will need to do a WHOIS search by going HERE.

3. Open a support ticket by going HERE and supply both the domain name(s) and your NEW ZoneEdit user created in Step #1. 
4. Delete from your name server configuration once the domain(s) have been moved to the new account.


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