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How can users unsubscribe from Zoneedit or Zone Club mailings?

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Paid / Premium Users

Paid users / premium users may opt-out of non-critical mailings at any time. A paid user is anybody who has subscribed to any paid level of service or product available through the ZoneEdit system.

To modify your preferences to cease receiving email, edit your user information and change your settings accordingly:


Free Users

If you are a free user with domains actively using the ZoneEdit name servers our Terms of Service require that you may have to periodically verify/confirm your email address on file with us, and that you will receive occasional email from us.

Free users can close their accounts and remove all free domains from the ZoneEdit name servers. ZoneEdit reserves the right to redirect traffic that it receives via "lame delegations" or any other inactive domain still delegated to the ZoneEdit name servers.

Canadians and CASL

Having your domains on ZoneEdit name servers constitutes a preexisting relationship with ZoneEdit and thus messages sent to you are permitted under the implied consent provisions of CASL.

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