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I was a reseller using and my domains are down

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The ZoneEdit Reseller channel was (apparently) discontinued by the old administration and was terminated in 2010/2011.

We had no knowledge to the existence of the reseller channerl until after the acquisition when it was brought to our attention that the channel was never actually shutdown, but all support had ceased.

Our plan was then to import the reseller data after the main migration, however it is become known that some resellers were using the ns1 thru ns17 nameservers and were thus impacted by the move (most resellers use nameservers)

Temporary Stop-Gap Plan To ReEnable your Domains Right Now

This is an emergency workaround which you can use for key domains if you need to get DNS up and running right now and that is to change your nameserver delegation to point at the OLD zoneedit nameservers. PLEASE NOTE THIS WILL STOP WORKING SOON (see below)

[ Use the "tmp" equivilent of your "ns" nameserver, i.e -> tmp4.zoneedit.NET"]

This will stop working very soon. The old owners will be shutting these nameservers down in a matter of weeks, if not days, so it is critical that you make other arrangements for your DNS ASAP - either through the new panel or elsewhere.

If you are a reseller from and want to be imported into the new

  1. Go to and create an account
  2. Open a Support ticket with your reseller userid on the new system
  3. In that ticket, please provide a list of your domains, one per line

We will attempt to load in your DNS settings from the old nameservers on a best-efforts basis.

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