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A fast, reliable and secure hosting solution is what you need when you value your website and its message. Focus your time and energy on your content and let relieve you of managing the tech side of things. All servers are located in Canada, no data is stored in the United States. For more information on our service, please go HERE

To sign up for an subscription, you'll need to do the following:

1. Log into your ZoneEdit account. 
2. Click on the link located within the left sidebar menu.

how to sign up for easyweb with zoneedit.

3. Click on the link to add a new subscription.

how to sign up for easyweb with zoneedit.

4. Select your service level, specify a username, and enter/select the domain name you'd like this service for.
5. Click on NEX

how to sign up for easyweb with zoneedit.

6. Pay for invoice.

Once the invoice has been paid, you should receive an automated email from the team that will contain your log in information:

Hi ,

Welcome to, your cPanel account is now active. is configured to use our xxxxx package. The IP address you should point the domain to is

Use the following credentials to connect to the server via FTP. Please keep in mind that all website content must be uploaded to the folder titled "public_html". Also, please note the auto generated password should be changed as soon as possible.

FTP Server:
User: xxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxx

Please use the following information to access your cPanel account.

Control Panel URL:

User: xxxxxxxx
Password: xxxxxxxx

If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this email, please contact our support team via email at

Thank you,

The Team

Please note that you will now need to go to your current DNS provider for said domain, and make sure to enter your IP address. This IP address is specified within the automated email and will ensure that your domain name gets connected to your subscription.


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