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How to transfer a .CA domain to Zoneedit

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Transferring .CA domains is quite easy and much faster than transferring their .COM/.NET/.ORG counterparts (in fact they happen instantly once we submit the transfer request).

It is simply a matter of obtaining your domains "auth code" from your current registrar, and then entering the transfer code in the Zoneedit page when you start your transfer.

You can initiate a transfer for any existing .CA in the Zoneedit system by clicking on the "Switch Registrar" link, which appears in two places:

  1. In your domain listing in the control main page
  2. While managing a specific domain, under the Domain Settings tab

Things To Know About .CA Domain Transfers:

Your Registrar will be easyDNS

After your domain transfers in, easyDNS will be your registrar. easyDNS is the parent company of Zoneedit.

Premium Support

If you are a free user and you transfer in a .CA domain (or any other domain), you become a paid user and are automatically conferred premium support status on all tickets.

Transfers ADD to existing time left

You never lose any remaining time when you transfer a domain. Even if you have more than 1 year left, the transfer acts as an early renewal and adds an additional year to the domain's remaining time.


The following video gives you a quick overview on how to do it:

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