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Domain Transfer Failures

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Transferring your domain name from your current registrar to Zoneedit can fail for any one of a number of reasons.

Transfers most often fail because the Whois information is incorrect or outdated. For example CIRA, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, will confirm the legitimacy of the transfer by contacting the domain's admin contact by email. If the Whois record does not include a currently valid admin contact email address, users will have to contact the current registrar to update it.

In other cases, the registrar lock may be enabled for a domain. A registrar lock is a safety measure used to prevent accidental transfers. You will need to contact your current registrar to find out whether a registrar lock is enabled and disable it to allow for transfer.

As well, if the domain is within 60 days of its renewal date and users have received an invoice from their registrar, they may not be able to transfer the domain. Users would need to contact them and have the "unpaid status" removed from the domain before it can successfully transfer the domain to another registrar.

Once users have corrected any issues, they can have the transfer resubmitted in a number of ways:

1. A failed transfer will trigger an automated email to be sent to the Zoneedit account holder where the domain currently resides. Within the email, users can find a link and have the transfer resubmitted without having to log into the account:

The registrar transfer process for has failed. The domain has not been moved to Zoneedit as a registrar.

To resubmit it, visit the following URL and follow the instructions:

If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this email, please contact our support staff at:

Thank you.

2. Click on the RESUBMIT FAILED TRANSFER link within your user control panel. 

Before resubmitting the transfer

Check the following conditions that may have caused the original failure:

  • The domain lock or transfer lock is disabled at your current registrar
  • Whois privacy usually needs to be disabled by most registrars before they will allow a transfer out
  • Make sure you have the transfer code, also known as auth code or EPP code
  • Make sure the admin contact email in your whois record can receive emails.

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