How To Register a New .CA Domain
Posted by Network Operations on 04 June 2015 03:44 PM

To Register a new .CA domain click on the "Add Domain" menu item in the upper left and then use the Register a new domain input box.

If you want to keep your Whois details private, then set your Canadian Presence Requirements: to be "Canadian Citizen"


Things To Know About Registering .CA Domains:


You must be Canadian (or the Queen) in order to register .CA domains. No exceptions.

You MUST Confirm your registrant info with CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) before your new .CA domain will be live on the internet.

The Registrant Confirmation process is a one-time process per Registrant. In other words, if you register your .CA domain to your company, then confirm the Registrant profile of your company with CIRA, you can then add additional .CA domains using the same Registrant info without having to confirm the details every time.

Your Registrar on your .CA domains ends up being easyDNS

easyDNS, the parent company of Zoneedit will be your official registrar-of-record. But you will manage your .CA domains from within your Zoneedit Control Panel.

When you register a .CA domain with Zoneedit you get Premium Support

By registering a .CA domain with Zoneedit you become a paid customer (if you aren't already) and you thus gain access to the priority/premium support channels.

The following video steps you through the process of registration and confirmation of the Registrant id with CIRA:


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