Configure Back-up mail
Posted by G. Zoneedit on 06 October 2014 03:50 PM

How do I use the back-up mail?'

ZoneEdit standard backup mail server is available to all domains with a DNS service level.

To set up the backup mail spool, you need to edit your MX records which can be accessed through your Domain Administration page, under the DNS section.

Like in the example above, the lower preference number should be assigned to your own mail server.

Once you have set the records correctly, be sure to click Next.png to be brought to the page where you can Confirm.png the changes.

When mail is sent out, the sending MTA (Mail Transport Agent) checks the DNS records to see what servers are responsible for the mail for that domain. The responses come back ranked by lowest preference number to highest. If the sending server can't reach the first, it will send to the next, which, in this case, is ZoneEdit.

Our mail server will accept the mail for your domain, and start trying to contact your server with it. When your server comes back up, our server will send the stored mail along.


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