I Was Using Legacy.ZoneEdit.com / dnsvr.com nameservers, what do I do?
Posted by Network Operations on 21 October 2014 02:45 AM

The Legacy.ZoneEdit.com reseller channel was discontinued by the former ZoneEdit owners in 2010. All resellers were notified by the previous owners to move their domains.


If your domains are still using dnsvr.com nameservers, you can do the following:

Please Note:  The Legacy Reseller channel was not part of the ZoneEdit acquisition. We have worked with the previous owners to import the legacy reseller data on a best efforts basis. In cases where we were not able to do that you may have to re-enter your zone settings.

 If you are stuck and you need the "old" dnsvr.com in place as a stopgap:

If your domains are not resolving on the new dnsvr.com nameservers and you have no way of obtaining your domain lists or zonedata, you can temporarily change the delegation of your nameservers back to the old dnsvr.com values by using these temporary nameserver records:

a.dnsvr.com -> olda.dnsvr.com

b.dnsvr.com -> oldb.dnsvr.com

c.dnsvr.com -> oldc.dnsvr.com

d.dnsvr.com -> oldd.dnsvr.com

e.dnsvr.com -> olde.dnsvr.com

f.dnsvr.com -> oldf.dnsvr.com

g.dnsvr.com -> oldg.dnsvr.com

h.dnsvr.com -> oldh.dnsvr.com

i.dnsvr.com -> oldi.dnsvr.com

The above servers are not under our control and will be shutdown any day now.

We have no control over the legacy.zoneedit.com platform which will be shut down any day now.


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